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The Scott Graham Group (SGG) is a team of leader practitioners with years of experience leading organizations and developing leaders.

Our team has honed the skills needed to teach others how to more effectively lead other humans in today's complex, dynamic, and diverse work environments to execute business plans, grow, and achieve RESULTS! Learn More >>

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Jun 01 2011

A 2011 research report from The Conference Board CEO Challenge of 2011 highlighted just how important leadership training and...

Our Clients

They make learning how to lead others fun. The half-day workshop flew by. I was so sorry when it was over as I could have continued for a loooong while with The Scott...

Higher education administrator with 30 years of leadership experience
Miami University

Our training workshop had so many helpful ideas. I’m not sure how you were able to pull out what each of us needed to focus on to make a difference at work where it...

Military/government leader
United States Air Force Materiel Command

Our Services

Camaraderie at Work
How to systematically develop camaraderie in work teams using the Team Spirit model.
Improving Productivity and Boosting Morale
Boosting morale and improving results. How to deal with nonstop change.
Coaching and Mentoring
Vital leadership roles – to coach and to mentor others – are a set of skills that today’s and tomorrow’s leaders need to embrace. Most have no clue how to do this RIGHT. You will learn what and how to do both.
The Leadership Challenge
Focus on the 5 practices of exemplary leaders.